Challenge the Rules.

#1 Most Funded Gaming Mouse In Kickstarter History
4,000 Satisfied Backers
4 CES Awards + German Design Award

Smooth, Fast And Deadly Precise

The ceramic feet placed under your gaming mouse dramatically reduce friction. They are the key to really smooth sliding and an increased control of movements, especially during high-speed use (for FPS in particular). Equipped with a high performance ADNS-9800 laser captor, Pu94 reaches 12000DPI for a tremendous accuracy.

Intuitive 3D Motion

PU94 is a game changer. Its tilting shell combined with its thumb joystick and its 6 programmable buttons make shortcuts history. With its clever features, Pu94 offers you a new and visionary way of using your gaming mouse.

It helps you save a precious action time by simplifying your game. Do less and achieve more. Move intuitively in 3 dimensions while barely shifting your grip.

Be The Game Changer

Absolutely precise and lightning fast, the PU94 gaming mouse  kicks the door open to a brand new way of gaming. Its 2 axis thumb joystick helps you perform complex sustained actions effortlessly. Its internal mechanical two-axis pivot enables the upper shell to rotate while the bottom shell remains stationary. Pu94 was designed to challenge the rules. With this 3D gaming mouse, you’ll jump, run, fly, shoot better than you ever thought you could, only with your thumb and the grip of your hand. No wonder why it was named CES honoree 4 times in the last 2 years!

The Press is Talking...

“Imagine being able to lean left and right by tilting your mouse, or panning the map with your thumb only.”

“Strange but cool idea. I can see some productivity fiends getting a lot of use out of it.”

"Definetly cool and felt super comfy in my hand"

“Customization is possible per game [and] allows you to setup program specific macros, adjust the laser sensor DPI, tweak the sensitivity of both joysticks, and adjust dead zones.”

"allow both pro and casual gamers to take advantage of its features by letting them map out their buttons however they need to play in their own ways."

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything that’s made us do a double take.”


An up-close-and-personal look at Lexip Pu94's finest features.

Lexip Pu94 Gaming Mouse-Lexip
  • The Tilting Shell

    The internal mechanical two-axis pivot on the upper shell gives gamers a mouse that tilts +/- 20 degrees in all directions.

  • The Lazer

    ADNS-9800 provides enhanced features like programmable frame rate and resolution, configurable sleep/wake up time to suit various gamers preferences.

  • The Joystick

    The mini thumb joystick has the ability to send more than 90,000 angle values and perform complex sustained actions.

  • The Ceramic Feet

    These ceramic feet are great if you want the ultimate reduction in friction. Gamers asked for it, we did it.

What gamers are saying...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5 out of 5)

Got my mouse over the weekend. It's well built and looks good. It's a bit taller than my previous mouse, but I'm getting used to it. I really like the glide pads. And the packaging/box design was really impressive. Well done.

Just received my mouse today and what a mouse it is.

Great work team on bring such a great product to life.

Just got mine too and I love it!!!

I live in the USA and received my mouse exactly when my tracking email said I would. I've tested the mouse and it feels great and is very comfortable in my hands. The mouse pad is way better than I was expecting it to be and the LED lighting makes it look really cool when sitting on my computer table. Overall though I am very pleased so far and feel that this is one of the best mice I have ever owned.

Mouse is doing great, I'm mainly using it for work right now, been using joystick and mouse rotations in Illustrator, it's a streamline bonanza, using the up and down joystick movement to copy and paste and rotation to move about on the page and create a new art board command.

Lexip Pu94, Challenge the Rules

Absolutely precise and lightning fast, the PU94 gaming mouse 
kicks the door open to a brand new way of gaming.