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Lexip presents the most innovative gaming mouse made in France

Lexip presents the most innovative gaming mouse made in France

Published on Univers in Made

The prize awarded by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) honours the first real revolution in the history of the mouse since its invention in the last century. One of the most innovative mice in the PC Gaming universe has just been awarded in the Computer Accessories category at CES Las Vegas. Only nine products were awarded in this category in 2019. This new CTA award, presented at the CES Show in Las Vegas, confirms the ultra innovative nature of this mouse, which had already received three awards in the previous edition in 2018.

The Lexip Pu94 offers advanced technical features, including its thumb joystick combined with an internal pivot. It also has ceramic glides that make it easy to handle. Beyond the pure technique, the use changes the potential of this PC accessory. All 3-D actions become intuitive, because the internal pivot and thumb joystick allow the choice to move in 3D, or to manipulate objects (movement, rotation, etc.) with a simple movement of the thumb or wrist. These features make it an ideal ally for gaming enthusiasts, especially on games such as Rocket League® or The Sims™ 4

It is also a valuable tool for users of 3D design and engineering software and gaming production. "Pu94 is fundamentally innovative, both in terms of technology and usage," explains Lionel Chataignier, founder of Pixminds and Lexip. The mouse offers precision, performance, speed and comfort during long game sessions. Pu94 was a resounding success on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter at the beginning of 2018, proving that the mouse has found its market with gamers. It is currently the most funded mouse on this platform.

It is now available at the recommended retail price of 129€90 on store.lexip.co as well as from Lexip's partners for online and in-store distribution.

Pixminds, a French company!

Pixminds is a French company created in 2012 by Lionel Chataignier, based in the heart of the French Alps. It is specialized in human-machine interactions, and all their business applications for ESports, gaming, augmented reality and 3D environments. Pixminds has received 20 awards (11 innovation awards at the CES 2018 and 2019, a special mention at the German Design Awards in 2019, 6 medals at the Lépine competition, the BPI gold medal for innovation and the medal from the Ministry of the Interior). Pixminds owns Lexip (the most innovative brand of gaming PC accessories on the market) and E-concept (its distribution branch for games, game accessories and related products, present in 38 countries around the world). Pixminds also owns the Steelplay and R-Cade brands.

These Lexip Ceramic Skates Will Slide The Mouse Two Times Faster

These Lexip Ceramic Skates Will Slide The Mouse Two Times Faster

Published on the 11 of March 2019, by La Vie Numérique

The French brand Lexip innovates and launches skates for mouse users: the Mo42. These are ceramic "soles" that can be glued directly under the mouse and give it an incomparable gliding ability.

The French company Lexip started from the observation that an object of daily use such as the computer mouse could still be improved. Thanks to the ceramic that significantly reduces friction, our old mouse has never been so fast and its potential so fully exploited.

In the package, the user will find 6 self-adhesive ceramic skids that are very easy to install: after cleaning the mouse base with the included wipe, simply remove the protection and place the skids on the bottom. We can glue 4, 5 or 6 of them. The number of skates depends on the size of the mouse base.

Available at the recommended retail price of 19.90€, these ceramic feet are compatible with laser and optical mice.

Lexip Pu94: Change the rules

Lexip Pu94: Change the rules

Published the 8 of April 2019 on JeuxVideo.com

The mouse is entering a new era! After a successful participatory fundraising campaign, the Lexip Pu94 is now available on all offices. A mouse with a unique design that will revolutionize the way players use it.

Gaming version of the Lexip 3D PRO, the Pu94 takes up the idea of 3D control. Indeed, in addition to the usual buttons, the beast has 2 joysticks on board to allow you new movements. The first one is under the thumb, and the second one at the base of the mouse. This way, you can manage many more commands in your favorite games with simple and intuitive movements. This makes it more accurate, faster, without using keyboard shortcuts and wasting precious seconds.

Lexip Pu94: Change the rules !

Whatever your favorite game style, the Lexip mouse will surprise you with its simplicity and efficiency. Building a shelter in Fortnite, flying over the battlefield of a League of Legends game or piloting your ship in Elite Dangerous, has never been easier. With the dedicated software, easily assign the 6 buttons and 2 joysticks the controls you need and in the lead for victory. You can customize each experience by creating a profile per game and modify it at any time.

To keep control in all circumstances, the Pu94 has been specially equipped with high quality components:

  • Laser sensor ADNS-9800 adjustable to the nearest DPI, up to 12 000
  • 6 programmable ergonomic buttons with Omron switch
  • 2 precise joysticks in all directions
  • Ceramic glides for a smooth glide
  • Interchangeable braided USB cable
  • Customizable RGB backlighting