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Lexip Pu94: Change the rules

Lexip Pu94: Change the rules

Published the 8 of April 2019 on JeuxVideo.com

The mouse is entering a new era! After a successful participatory fundraising campaign, the Lexip Pu94 is now available on all offices. A mouse with a unique design that will revolutionize the way players use it.

Gaming version of the Lexip 3D PRO, the Pu94 takes up the idea of 3D control. Indeed, in addition to the usual buttons, the beast has 2 joysticks on board to allow you new movements. The first one is under the thumb, and the second one at the base of the mouse. This way, you can manage many more commands in your favorite games with simple and intuitive movements. This makes it more accurate, faster, without using keyboard shortcuts and wasting precious seconds.

Lexip Pu94: Change the rules !

Whatever your favorite game style, the Lexip mouse will surprise you with its simplicity and efficiency. Building a shelter in Fortnite, flying over the battlefield of a League of Legends game or piloting your ship in Elite Dangerous, has never been easier. With the dedicated software, easily assign the 6 buttons and 2 joysticks the controls you need and in the lead for victory. You can customize each experience by creating a profile per game and modify it at any time.

To keep control in all circumstances, the Pu94 has been specially equipped with high quality components:

  • Laser sensor ADNS-9800 adjustable to the nearest DPI, up to 12 000
  • 6 programmable ergonomic buttons with Omron switch
  • 2 precise joysticks in all directions
  • Ceramic glides for a smooth glide
  • Interchangeable braided USB cable
  • Customizable RGB backlighting


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