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Mini Test: Lexip PU94, the most innovative mouse of the last twenty years

Mini Test: Lexip PU94, the most innovative mouse of the last twenty years

written by NERCES, on February 4, 2019 on Tom's Hardware

So advanced that you have to be an EXPERT to control it....

Real innovations
A very nice finish
Two more shots (ministick, mouse flip-flop)
Ceramic glides for a remarkable glide
Accessibility of most orders
Software with multiple parameters

Exclusively for right-handed people
Innovation at a high price
Completely review your habits
No disengageable wheel
Not suitable for all types of games
Stick button not accessible


Supported by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Lexip PU94 is a mouse that has been innovating like no other for a long time. The idea here is to do without other control devices by adding several options to the traditional mouse. Thus, the PU94 is equipped with a mini-stick that is activated with the thumb. In addition, the entire body of the mouse can be tilted to its base.

In total, we therefore have three travel plans, which means that we can consider, for example, managing the rudder of our flight simulator or the different views of a cockpit without having to use the keyboard or a dedicated joystick.

The possibilities are endless, but involve 1/ setting up the software provided correctly in order to precisely define the dead zones for example and 2/ getting used to a whole new way of holding the mouse. Let's admit that even after a few hours, we still have a lot of trouble feeling really comfortable with the PU94.

We are making progress, but some simple operations are made more difficult because of the many controls that we do not want to trigger at the same time. Thus, pressing the ministick button is almost impossible and managing the main buttons without tilting the mouse is already tricky.

Knowing that the mouse is offered at a relatively high price - but perfectly justified - the investment is considerable (time + money). Fortunately, the PU94 is a beautiful object, which glides remarkably well and benefits from powerful software. It's up to you if you want to try the adventure!


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