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Lexip Pu94 Mouse

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Lexip Pu94 Gaming Mouse-Lexip

Lexip Pu94 Mouse

• Free Shipping to all US orders



By adding a mini joystick for the thumb and the second place in the inner area of the mouse, players can combine actions, fight with complex combos, control their map or vehicle, all performed with a single hand.

Challenge the Rules.


  • Laser sensor ADNS-9800 12000dpi, 150ips / 1.05oz
  • Ceramic feet for smoother sliding and better control of movements during highspeed use (for FPS in particular)
  • High-quality cover with soft surface treatment on the top, rubber grip on the sides for fast movements.
  • Programmable buttons 2 on the side, 2 above (index/major), 1 knob, 1 top backlit button.
  • Button type: Omron.

Setting buttons and joysticks via the control panel

  • Macro settings for each software used
  • Automatic detection of the software used by the control panel
  • Adjusting the sensitivity of the laser sensor and the two joysticks
  • Setting the activation zones of the two joysticks
  • RGB backlight configuration (fixed or animated)


An up-close-and-personal look at Lexip Pu94's finest features.

  • The Tilting Shell

    The internal mechanical two-axis pivot on the upper shell gives gamers a mouse that tilts +/- 20 degrees in all directions.

  • The Lazer

    ADNS-9800 provides enhanced features like programmable frame rate and resolution, configurable sleep/wake up time to suit various gamers preferences.

  • The Joystick

    The mini thumb joystick has the ability to send more than 90,000 angle values and perform complex sustained actions.

  • The Ceramic Feet

    These ceramic feet are great if you want the ultimate reduction in friction. Gamers asked for it, we did it.